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Where is the Time To Shine located?

Our studio is located in the heart of Munich at Sendlinger Str. 37 – just look out for our golden Topcat!

Is Time To Shine a regular fitness studio?

No, we are not a „regular“ fitness studio. We offer various workouts & personal training sessions. Just check our schedule and book your next session.

What are the opening hours?

Opening hours vary depending on the training schedule. We offer courses from early in the morning until late in the evening – even at weekends and on public holidays. Check our schedule!

Are there changing rooms and toilets in the studio?

Yes – we have large changing rooms with toilets and showers. We also offer you a variety of styling and care products from selected partners to try out.

Do I need a lock to lock up my valuables?

Yes – please bring a lock to lock your valuables in your locker. We also lend locks, but cannot always guarantee that there is a lock for everyone.

How can I pay with you?

At Time To Shine you can pay by debit or credit card.


How do I book a workout with Time To Shine?

You can book your next class via the Eversports booking tool. Simply create an account with Eversports and check our schedule.

How do I book a personal training session with Time To Shine?

Please send an e-mail to We will get back to you and check which trainer suits you best!

How long can I cancel the workout?

You can cancel a training course free of charge up to 24 hours before the start in your Eversports App.


Is there an overview of all possible memberships and walk-ins?

Yes, there is an overview of the available memberships and single walk-ins directly on our homepage.

How can I buy a membership or individual walk-ins?

You have three options for purchasing a membership or individual walk-ins with us:

1. Click on the corresponding buttons in the overview on our homepage.
2. Click on „Preise“ in the top right-hand corner of our schedule.
3. Visit us directly and purchase the desired membership or walk-ins directly at reception.

Can I book workouts at Time To Shine with EGYM Wellpass?

Yes, you can train with us with EGYM Wellpass. You can find out under what conditions in the EGYM Wellpass app. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Can I book workouts at Time To Shine with Classpass?

Yes, you can train with us with Classpass. You can find out under what conditions in the Classpass app. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Can I book workouts at Time To Shine with Urban Sports Club?

No, unfortunately you can’t train with Urban Sports Club, sorry!


What workouts are available at Time To Shine?

We offer a variety of different workouts for you. Just take a look at our workout page and choose the class that’s right for you. Not sure? Contact us, we’ll find the right workout for you!

What do I need to bring to the workout?

You only need your sports clothes, sports shoes, your water bottle and optionally a towel.

Have you forgotten something to drink or your towel? No problem, you can buy drinks and the time-to-shine towel at reception at any time!

What do I need to consider on my first visit?

The most important thing: We look forward to seeing you! Please come 15 minutes before the start of training and let us know that you are joining us for the first time. This gives us time to talk to you about any injuries, the studio or other topics.

Can I come to the workout if I am ill?

Health comes first! All other (healthy) participants and trainers are grateful if they are not infected. So please stay at home (even if it is difficult) if you have symptoms of illness. Your time to shine will come!

Can I come to the workout if I am injured?

Not all injuries are the same. But the same applies here: if you are injured and are not sure whether you can or should do sport, contact a doctor first. Your health is the number one priority!

If you come to the workout anyway, please let your trainer know BEFORE the training session so that we can assess together whether training makes sense or not.


Which boxing class is right for me?

We have boxing classes for all levels. If you have never boxed before or are just starting out, Box Beginner and Box Workout are the right classes for you. After the first lesson at the latest, you and your trainer will be able to assess which class is right for you next.

I don't have any boxing equipment. Can I still take part in a boxing class?

That’s no problem at all! You can hire wraps and gloves from us for a small fee or purchase them directly.

From what age can I take part in a boxing class?

We recommend a minimum age of 16 years. If you are younger, we have special classes for you on Saturday afternoons. Just check our schedule for the Boxing from Scratch (Kids & Teens) classes.